Advisory services

CoPaCC Advisory Services

Expert advice and support from our senior and experienced practitioners and advisors. We can help with your organisation’s governance and management challenges and opportunities.

Our advisory services include:

  • Organisational Health Check: a short ‘deep dive’ to identify indicative strengths and weaknesses of current position and to determine the merit of further detailed investigation. This can look at the current organisational (eg OPCC) structure, or consider the options and proposals in place for collaboration, or could take the form of a gateway review to ascertain whether the costs and benefits of previous programmes have derived the outcomes stated.
  • Bid and business case development: we can help in preparation of one-off reports or documents. These can include bids for Police Innovation Fund grants that maximise chances of grant award, plus analyses of business case, such as invited by the Home Secretary from PCCs wishing to take on responsibility for fire and rescue services
  • Specialist Support: from time to time you may experience staffing shortages, or you may need to bring in expertise in a particular subject area that does not currently exist within your organisation. Our network of contacts allows you to tap into this expertise on an ongoing basis, without the associated expense of recruiting or seconding in staff.
  • Advice and Guidance: The wider CoPaCC team includes former Police and Crime Commissioners, former OPCC staff (including Chief Executives), senior police officers and relevant others. Together, we are the police governance experts.

At CoPaCC we actively develop relationships with partners who strive to be the best in class, and are committed to supporting you, your team and key national bodies (such as APCC and APACE) in delivering your ambitions.