Monitoring standards

Monitoring standards

CoPaCC monitors standards in police governance, assessing OPCC performance and awarding quality marks in key areas of accountability

CoPaCC has focused on the role and work of PCCs since even before the first PCC elections in November 2012. This has allowed us to develop great insight into the wide range of approaches adopted by PCCs and OPCCs. Through our independent, objective, evidence-based analysis, we identify good and best practice, and present this via our Thematics, Report, Conferences and Awards [link here to other relevant pages].

Our series of CoPaCC Quality Marks provide an independent, objective, evidence-based accreditation of OPCCs and their work.  PCCs (and others as appropriate) can apply to CoPaCC for accreditation for their OPCC. Following each application, a CoPaCC team will undertake a review of the applicant in the area under examination. A Quality Mark will be awarded where the CoPaCC review confirms a high level of applicant performance.

These Quality Marks focus on areas critical to PCCs’ work, such as transparency (see below). We are developing these Quality Marks with a number of relevant subject-expert partners.

Transparency Quality Mark

We presented the first of the CoPaCC “OPCC Transparency” Quality Marks early in 2016 at an event hosted by leading police auditor Grant Thornton. Lord Bew, Chair of the Committee on Standards in Public Life, spoke at the event and assisted Bernard Rix, CEO of CoPaCC, in presenting the Quality Marks to the first nine OPCCs.