Winning bidding: Accessing policing’s billion-pound transformation funds

Bernard Rix

By on 13th June 2016

A share of the £1 billion available through the Home Office’s policing transformation funds will in due course be awarded to the best bids. CoPaCC’s CEO, Bernard Rix suggests how, OPCCs, forces and their partners can increase their chances of submitting successful proposals.

The Home Office has, late last week, written to PCCs to provide more details of the Police Transformation Fund.

Together with the annual Police Innovation Fund and the College of Policing’s Police Knowledge Fund, well over £1 BILLION pounds will now be available for OPCCs, forces and other partners, to be awarded following competitive bidding processes.

My CoPaCC colleague, Simon Bullock, and I recently examined how OPCCs have done out of the much Police Innovation Fund 2016 awards. It is clear, from this and previous bidding rounds, that the bids from many OPCCs (and their bid partners) have not done themselves justice, and many have been unsuccessful as a result. With over £1 BILLION in funding now at stake, PCCs and OPCCs need to raise their game. It’s also clear that the Home Office itself has much to learn about maximising the value of its own investment in this type of programme – see for example the Police Foundation’s Gavin Hales writing here for Policing Insight.

Preparing a competitive, winning bid is of course often markedly different from the work that OPCC and force officers and staff routinely undertake. It is an activity much more familiar to the private sector. It’s an activity I know well through my work over close to thirty years as an independent advisor to the policing and criminal justice sector, both in Britain and internationally. It’s also an activity very familiar to members of the wider CoPaCC team.

I’m therefore arranging for Policing Insight’s parent organisation, CoPaCC, to organise a series of“Winning Bidding” briefings and wider assistance. Organisational subscribers of Policing Insight will already be familiar with this type of support offered by CoPaCC.

If you or your organisation wishes to learn more about this “Winning Bidding” support, or attend one (or more) of the “Winning Bidding” events we are planning over the coming weeks and months, please contact me today.

Click and email to express interest in CoPaCC’s “Winning Bidding” briefings and support.

PCCs, OPCCs and forces, as well as wider policing stakeholders across public, private and third sector, are all welcome to express interest in this “Winning Bidding” programme.

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