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CoPaCC advise and support police and criminal justice organisations

CoPaCC was established by Bernard Rix shortly after the first PCC elections in November 2012 to monitor policing governance in England and Wales. CoPaCC now has a portfolio of services, collaborating to optimise organisations to meet their governance and management challenges and opportunities

Policy and delivery

Our national overview across policing, criminal justice and blue light provides us with an unrivalled insight into what works

Communications and social media

Take a look at our Policing Insight website, plus Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts. Then call us.

Leadership and effective teamworking

In our chosen areas, we lead. We can help you lead an effective team.

Public engagement

Our thematic work means we have the definitive insight for PCCs and their teams.


PCCs (should) provide strategic direction, with forces delivering the operational side. Is that how it works in your area?

Stakeholder relations and mapping

Who are your key partners? Could you be working more effectively together for mutual benefit?


Want to improve performance? We can help you work out how.

Human resources

Not every working relationship is rosy. We can help you through the most challenging times.


At the heart of our work, we are the police governance experts

Commissioning and procurement

At the heart of a Police and Crime Commissioner's work, an area that PCCs' teams have to get right

Information & Communications Technology

Needs to support what you and your team do, rather than eat in to your team's time. Which does your ICT do?

Website design and development

Website design and development: We have a great website team. Our team can help you too.

Maximise the effectiveness of your organisation

I was very happy to read our first CoPaCC report

“I was very happy to read our first CoPaCC report which provides a useful overview of where PCCs are moving and what they are thinking for the future. I think this will help to ensure that best practice is spread quickly and shared which is something that does not always happen when people are working flat out in their own environment and do not have easy access to information at a national level. I would recommend this report to any PCC or participant in the police market who wants to ensure they do not miss out on important news relevant to the market”
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Bernard Rix

Winning bidding: Accessing policing’s billion-pound transformation funds

By on 13th June 2016

A share of the £1 billion available through the Home Office's policing transformation funds will in due course be awarded to the best bids.


Our letter to Police and Crime Commissioners

By on 27th May 2016

Bernard Rix, CoPaCC Chief Executive, writes to recently elected Police and Crime Commissioners